Cheerleading hotel prices

When my daughter first started cheering 11 years ago, we would travel and stay at a hotel that gave our team the best group rate. We actually had a great parent volunteer who made endless calls to negotiate free parking, complimentary breakfast and more – at a great rate! About 5 years ago it all started changing. As Varsity took over more and more of the little event producers things began to change. Registration fees and spectator fees went up. And the larger competitions came with lodging requirements. Now, virtually all the competitions through Varsity require that you get lodging through their “stay to play”Read More →

Every year the new season kicks of with brand new shoes.  Most of the teams choose white shoes, although a few are now looking at black to compliment uniforms.  Cheer shoes are specially made to be lightweight so cheerleaders get the best bounce and don’t have “drag” to slow them down when tumbling.  Special shoes require special care. No matter the color, all cheer shoes have one thing in common: Very lightweight soles.  These shoes are clearly not made to stand up to the friction caused by walking across rough surfaces.  If you think about it, all the mats and floors in the cheer gymsRead More →

There aren’t too many coaching gigs that are more tough than being a cheer coach.  You have to be a dance instructor, tumbling expert, spotter and personal trainer all rolled into one.  You have both girls and boys on the team and each has his or her own distinct strengths, flexibility and weaknesses. Your a teacher with the additional duty of making these kids into top notch athletes.  It’s a very rewarding experience . . . and then the parents come in. Parents can really make or break any cheer leading program.  It all comes down to how parents work with the coaches and gymRead More →

New to cheer? Need a few good hacks to help this season? We got your list right here!  Everything from practice to the competition mat and after – these are the best cheer hacks on the net. Practice Time For higher jumps, practice with ankle weights When stretching, stretch both legs keeping your hips even. This will avoid hip / back pain. Pull your heel stretches in front of your body, not to the side. Positive thoughts about your skills will help you tumble, stunt & dance better. Keep your arms locked when stunting, this will help you avoid bobbles. A perfect handstand helps produceRead More →

Before my first cheer competition, a more experienced cheer mom (okay it’s Rhonda) told me about saving seats.  We were sitting at practice waiting, a few days before the first competition of the season.  It was, I thought, a very strange conversation.  “You’ll have to be sure someone stays with our seats when we go to the floor to watch up close, otherwise other teams will come in and just move your stuff and take the seat,” she said. You can sum up everything about cheer leading by the fact that some people are fanatical about saving seats.  The same enthusiasm for cheer leading isRead More →

Dear Mini Parent sitting at our gym during every practice: I see you and I see your daughter and I’m so glad you both are here! I’ve been where you are many years ago and I’ve felt what you feel and my daughter has felt what your daughter is feeling now. I remember the excitement of being new to cheer and I remember my daughter loving and breathing cheer to the point of exhaustion. I remember being in awe of all the “big girls” and all their amazing skills. I couldn’t wait to have my child on those big teams. I couldn’t wait to haveRead More →

I was totally green the first year my daughter was in All Star Cheer.  Growing up as a tom-boy, never one for frilly dresses and more likely to climb trees, this whole world of cheer leading was extremely unfamiliar territory.  I remember the first days of taking my daughter to practice and seeing all the moms with their perfect hair and make-up thinking I will never fit in.  And truth be told, I still don’t think I fit in. That’s okay. Looking back, these are things I wish I had known up front or even as I was beginning what has become an eleven yearRead More →