Gym closes

Competitive cheer is a sport that forges bonds between coaches and athletes, and even closer between athletes and teammates.  When you’ve competed with the same gym for a number of years you are more than just teammates, you’re family.  And when cheer gym closes, it feels like a huge loss of community and support. I have firsthand experience with gym closings. The first cheer gym my daughter ever attended closed when the owner couldn’t find coaches.  We had left just before the closing.  We are still friends with some of the parents and girls at that first gym. This week, the gym where my daughterRead More →

Cheer Goals

This year is coming to a close.  Most gyms are about 1/2 way through the cheer season.  Looking back there are undoubtedly things you might think you would want to do differently or change up a bit.  Now is a great time to look forward and think about getting to the ultimate end game: Summit & Worlds! Here are some ideas to make your new year cheerleading even better: Think of each practice as a step towards the goal.  There are times you don’t feel like being there. There are days you are more sore than others. But you know, the minute you hit theRead More →

Every year the new season kicks of with brand new shoes.  Most of the teams choose white shoes, although a few are now looking at black to compliment uniforms.  Cheer shoes are specially made to be lightweight so cheerleaders get the best bounce and don’t have “drag” to slow them down when tumbling.  Special shoes require special care. No matter the color, all cheer shoes have one thing in common: Very lightweight soles.  These shoes are clearly not made to stand up to the friction caused by walking across rough surfaces.  If you think about it, all the mats and floors in the cheer gymsRead More →

Originally posted Aug 1, 2016 by Haley Jenkins via Odessy Online Whether it’s all-star cheerleading or school cheerleading, everybody has a certain view of how cheerleaders act or how they’re supposed to act. Sometimes, cheerleaders wished people would understand a few things about our sport and stop having such negative connotations toward us. So, here are 11 things cheerleaders wished you understood: 1. We’re not stupid I know this is completely shocking to some of you. But, just because we’re cheerleaders doesn’t mean we’re stupid. Actually, just like any other sport, you have to maintain a certain grade point average or you can’t cheer. And all-star cheerleadingRead More →

By Jessica Yeager via OdessyOnline May 29th, 2015 For as long as I can remember, I have been a cheerleader. I started out in the Pop Warner travel programs, progressed into the All Star world, and finally finished off my career at my high school’s varsity team. Through all of these different programs, I have learned the most by far through All Star cheer leading. I wasn’t the best in the gym, and I wasn’t there from age three to age 18, but it still gave me some of the best memories and experiences I have ever had. Some of the best life lessons IRead More →

One thing about all star cheer – it’s a 365 day sport.  And many of those days are spent at practice.  As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and when you know the whole routine inside out, upside down there is a better chance for scoring high at competition. But there’s more to practice than just routine. Practice is a time to develop a team effort, encourage others and learn how to get along with people that you may not like outside of practice.  Cheer practice is a great beginning to the life skills that will make successful young adults and beyond.  You want toRead More →

This week my daughter attended her 8th choreography camp.  This will actually be her 9th competitive season but the first team she was on didn’t have choreography camp, it was just a cute Young Champion Pom Pom squad. That’s how this whole business started.  One day my daughter and her BFF came home from school with a flyer, all excited. They wanted to join the pom pom squad.  They did the cutesy, “Please mamma please” dance with their eyes all sparkly.  The BFF’s mom and I discussed drop off and pick up arrangements. The next thing I know I’m selling raffle tickets to raise moneyRead More →